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Whether it’s a robust red that reminds you of fall grilling Saturdays, or a sparkling white that brings back summer nights laughing with your best friend, wine is an expression of life’s simple and joyous moments.

Shades of Wine is an online wine store offering boutique wines selected by their character and celebrated for their stories.

You’re confident in your work and adventurous in life. You should also feel free to explore wine—curiously and without abandon.

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Available through April 14, 2024

Meet Mencia…

I love trying new grape varietals.

Meet Mencia.

She’s got legs.

Long, sexy Spanish legs.

She is fresh, young and flirty, she’s got violets in her hair.

Her dance is earthy, sensual, snappy.

She commands you look at her, she locks eyes with you during her dance.

And then with a snap of her dress she casts you off in a way that you desire her even more. 

You will never forget meeting Mencia.

Our Story

Meet Janice Bayruns

World traveler, reader, wine adventurer

Life is full of complications, but enjoying wine should be a simple experience.

Whether you’re winding down the day, toasting a friend’s promotion, or giving gratitude for another trip around the sun, wine rejoices in life’s moments.

Shades of Wine wants to encourage people to select wines that complement their life stories. I’ll use my expertise to take the guesswork out of the selection process and share the stories of my life that inspire my personal connection to each wine.

When the wine feels good, it will be good.

Cheers to living well,


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