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More Than Wine Awaits in Our Bottles

Life is a collection of moments: Today’s events will become tomorrow’s memories. Our days are marked by the people and times that hold significance.

Wine enjoyment should be led by the heart instead of the head.

Shades of Wine was conceptualized to offer a wine experience where class meets the comfort of your home. Our founder, Janice Bayruns, hand-selects the boutique wines for their personality and profile, inspired by her life stories. Then, your journey begins when each selection is delivered to your doorstep. 

Storytelling and wine are a natural pair, and with Shades of Wine as your personal wine guide, you can confidently explore new wines, elevate your taste, and discover your own stories.

Each featured wine is available for only a week after its release. So, seize the moment, and make a new memory.

Where will your next sip take you?

"The connoisseur does not drink wine but tastes of its secrets.”

Salvador Dali

Meet Janice Bayruns,
Shades Of Wine Founder

Every story has a beginning. My love for wine started when I was 15. Sitting with my mom after work, she would pour a glass to unwind the day and offer me just a small splash out of her Gallo jug—always Rhine or Chablis. Together, we sipped and connected over our day.

Since then, my wine journey has winded through a lifetime of stories, thousands of wines, countless dinners, and many adventurous travels and escapades. I added a dash of wine certifications to compliment my wine experiences and hold my WSET 1 & 2 (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) and CSW (Certified Specialist in Wine).

Born in Camden, New Jersey and growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, I eventually landed on the sunny shores of  Tampa, Florida- calling this area home since 1983. I love the relationships I’ve cultivated here and the opportunities to give back to the community. Arts and environmental causes are especially close to my heart.

Along my day-to-day and through many travels, I’ve experienced the beauty of the world and the stories of its people that entwine my own—many times with a glass in hand.

Thirty years in healthcare taught me how to run an in-home healthcare business, but life taught me how to enjoy wine.

" I hope you’ll uncork a bottle and find your story."

Janice Bayruns

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